Alvan Clark Replica

I have always wanted to own an Alvan Clark telescope. Unfortunately they are beyond my range. So, when I recently completed my first lens, I decided to create a scratch-built mount and tube assembly to house it and I wanted the completed telescope to look a lot like an Alvan Clark. This 3 1/2″ f/15 telescope is not an attempt to create a perfect replica in all respects, though many features of the telescope are intended to be nearly identical to an Alvan Clark. Maybe it should be called an “Homage Alvan Clark Telescope”.

I made virtually everything you see in the picture. The only exceptions are some small screws and bolts and the finder lenses. It was a long and difficult process described on this page: Making The Alvan Clark Replica Telescope. This scope is certainly not an Alvan Clark but it looks great, works  well and I made it with my own hands.

To me the function of this telescope is of minor importance. This is more like a beautiful mechanical sculpture intended to have a permanent place in my living room or study.  Despite that, it would be offensive to me if this showpiece did not perform its basic duties under the night sky, and it does that well. When I am using this telescope it is easy to imagine that I have traveled back in time over 100 years.

I have made a couple of Youtube videos about the scope here:  Alvan Clark Replica Tour and Alvan Clark Replica Teardown