Making the Hale 200 inch Model

Here is the 1:64 working scale model of the Hale 200 inch.


The optics for my model came from an inexpensive Newtonian. It has an aperture of about 80mm so was ideal for a 1:64 scale model. The only parts I used were the primary and secondary mirrors. Everything else was made around those items.


First I made the mirror cell and cage. The cage was cut from a piece of thick walled aluminum tube.


I used some plans that were sold many years ago in Sky and Telescope magazine. The plans were for a slightly smaller scale (about 1:80) so I had to scale up the drawings to get them to the 1:64.


You can see that I used some 4×4″ extruded aluminum stock for the basic cage of the telescope. I marked it up, put it on my milling machine a cut away. After that it was a lot of filing and sanding.


When I had finished the optical tube assembly I started working on the horseshoe and trunnions.


I studied a superb small Barry Crist model to get some of the nuances right. My model makes no pretense at having similar detail to the fine Crist example. With some polish it was ready for assembly.