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Unitron Video Tours

Unitron 145C

I have uploaded a couple of Unitron Video Tours. One is an overview of the 3 inch Unitron 145C. This scope is more properly called a “Frankentron” because it was assembled from various Unitron and shop-made components, like a sort of astronomical Frankenstein Monster. I included some nice closeup views of the beautiful setting circles. Please check it out at . The second tour is the 4 inch Unitron 160. There are more views of the spectacular Weight Driven Clock drive as well as a brief tour of the entire system. See this at There is also an amusing time-lapse of the assembly of this telescope at .

Unitron Telescope Weight Driven Clock Drive

I uploaded a video showing the operation of a classic Unitron Weight Driven Clock Drive. This 50 year old device allows a telescope to follow the very slow movement of stars and planets. The stellar motion is undetectable with the naked eye but in a telescope the movement is highly magnified so a tracking mechanism is very helpful. The device works strictly because of gravity, allowing the user to set up the telescope far from any source of electricity. It works much like a old fashioned Grandfather Clock. Like any old mechanical device, many find it fascinating to watch. Please visit to see the video.