About Me


My name Is Dave Trott. I hope you like these pages about telescopes. I am a strong advocate of low cost astronomy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the night sky and I can prove it!

I am an “Amateur Telescope Maker” or ATM. ATM’s are people who like to make and modify telescopes for fun and to experiment with improving the performance of telescopes. It is easy to buy perfection, if you have enough money. But, like most people, I am forced to live within a tight budget. I have done many experiments and devised creative ways to avoid spending money on astronomy equipment. In the process I have made many discoveries that might be helpful to you.

I have also learned many of the skills of a machinist. I am not a professional but I love to make metal telescopes and components that are functional and aesthetic.

“A telescope is a money absorbing set of optical and mechanical compromises with a threadbare astronomer hovering near the eyepiece.”
– Dave Trott

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