Directory for The Classic Telescopes Youtube Channel

This is a partial list of my Youtube videos organized by brand or type of scope.

Replica Telescopes

Porter Garden Telescope Replica:

My model of Newton’s telescope:

Making the metal mirror for my model of Newtons telescope:

My video about other Replicas of Newton’s Telescope:

Alvan Clark 20 inch:

Alvan Clark Replica:

Hale 200 inch:

Barry Crist Models:

Jim Riffle Miniature:

Questar Half Scale Model:

Making the Half Scale Questar:

Celestron Telescopes

C8 Classic Telescope:

C5 Classic Telescope:

Modular Telescope Mounts

Modular Telescope Mounts:

Carton CST100NQ Classic Telescope:

Goto Mark-X Portable Photographic Mount:

Takahashi Space Boy mount:

Goto Kogaku

Goto Single Axis 78:

Goto Mark-X 65mm:

Goto Mark-X 125mm:

Goto Mark-X 80mm Classic Telescope:

Goto Mark-X Portable Photographic Mount:

Modular Telescope Mounts:

Goto Mark-X Modifications:

Goto Kogaku Telepac Classic Telescope:

Eros 60mm on Single-Axis mount:

Goto Kogaku 80mm Classic scope

Goto Kogaku Satellite scopes:

Goto ST6 Model 2:

Goto Hyscore Model 454:

Goto Crawford Mount:

Goto Kogaku 60mm Mount:

Goto Kogaku Model 106 Mount:

Goto Kogaku Model 105:

Goto Kogaku Zeus 55mm Telescope:

Takahashi Telescopes

Takahashi’s first ten years:

Takahashi TS-65 Telescope Lineup:


TS-65 Altaz Version:

TS-65 D-type:

TS-65 S-type:

TS-65 P-type:

TS-65 V1-type:




Takahashi Epsilon 130:

Takahashi TS40 Sky Patrol:

Takahashi Space Boy mount:

Alvan Clark

Clark 3 inch I restored:

Alvan Clark Replica:

Alvan Clark 20 inch:

Questar and Quantum 4 Telescopes:

Questar Scope:

Questar Custom Wedge:

Quantum 4 Scope:

Quantum 4 Custom Wedge:

Questar TriStand:

Alternate Mounts for the Questar Telescope:

Questar Half Scale Model:

Making the Half Scale Questar:

Unitron Telescopes

Unitron 131C:

Unitron 140:

Unitron 145C:

Unitron 150:

Unitron 160:

Unitron Eyepiece Accessories:

Unitron Weight Drive:

Satellite Scope Videos

Satellite Scopes Part 1 (Unitron, Edmund, SPI 7×50, Swift 816):

Satellite Scopes Part 2 (Swift 816, Swift 815, Observer, SPI, Unitron, Micronta, Edmund):

Satellite Scopes Part 3 (Unitron, Kalimar, PIC Spectron, Tasco, Apogee 20×120):

Satellite Scopes Part 4 (Milben, Tasco 7×40, Monolux):

Satellite Scopes Part 5 (Arrow, Tasco, Royal):

Unitron Satellite Scope:

Unitron Satellite Scope Pretender:

Goto Kogaku Satellite Scope:

Pentax Telescopes

Pentax 75EDHF:

Pentax 65:

Pentax 85:

Pentax J60:

Pentax J60C:

Portable Telescopes for Astrophotography

Vixen SA70S:

Takahashi TS-65P: TS-65 P-type:

Pentax 75EDHF:

Portable Telescopes for Astrophotography:

Other Videos

The Perfect Telescope:

Zeiss Telementor 2:

ZeissTron 50mm:–IfZuk

Classic Borg Telescope in a Tube:

Vintage Star Pointers:

Carton CST100NQ Classic Telescope:

Index to Videos on my Unusual Toy Telescopes Youtube Channel

Beginners Telescopes

Celestron Starsense Explorer DX102 AZ:

Getting the most out of your Celestron Starsense Telescope:

Beginner Binoculars for Astronomy:

Best Beginner Telescopes:

How to Select a Beginner Telescope:

Zhumell Z100 Telescope:

Orion Starblast Telescope:

Newtonian Collimation for Absolute Beginners:

Newtonian Collimation Part 2:

Orion Observer 134 Telescope:

Astronomers Without Borders OneSky Telescope:

Toy Telescopes

Sarblue Mak60:

Acuter Newtony 50mm:

Sun Earth Moon Orrery Toy: